Tripoli Gallery

Dominique Rousserie

b. 1960, Metz, France

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Exhibitions at Tripoli Gallery


In the artworks of Dominique Rousserie, we find a metaphysical diagram that details the complex interactions between forces visible and invisible in our world. A terrapin skull adorned with feathers invokes the omnipotent alchemy of the natural world while simultaneously paying homage to aboriginal humans whose vision transforms biology—bone, keratin, hemp—into talisman. In certain works, we find ourselves so far removed from the subject that we float above islands traced in the sea beneath us. In others, we dive so far into the minute interior of our world that we stand enraptured by, or nearly enmeshed in, the delicate latticework of a molecule. Rousserie's own personal exploration of these mysterious realities forms the basis for his varied series of works over the past two decades, some on canvas, others sculptural, and some textual as well.

Rousserie's work has been exhibited extensively worldwide and is part of numerous public collections, including The Museum of Contemporary Art Sofia Imber (Caracas), Brazilian Museum of Sculpture (Sao Paulo), Phyllis Rapp for Tate Modern (London), Foundation Coprim (Paris), Foundation Banco Patricio (Buenos Aires), Pinault (France), Eugenio Lopez (Mexico), Niarchos (United Kingdom) and others. Rousserie lives and works in Saline, St. Barth and Miami, Florida.