Tripoli Gallery

Quentin Curry

b. 1972, Johnstown, PA

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Exhibitions at Tripoli Gallery


Quentin Curry (b. 1972 Johnstown, PA) studied at Bard College in New York and The San Francisco Art Institute. In addition to several national group shows, his work has been in solo exhibitions at Stellan Holm Gallery in New York and Kantor Gallery in Los Angeles. Tripoli Gallery first included Curry's work in a group exhibition at Tripoli Gallery East Hampton in 2015 titled "A Walk...”, followed by our 11th Annual Thankgiving Collective in 2015, then Black & White earlier this year, as well as the gallery’s summer group exhibition, Summer Trip. In the past, Curry has used stone dust and oil paint to produce textured, semi-abstract landscapes. His recent works explore a more freehand and primal approach with painting and mark making. While recreating natural forms such as leaves and rocks, Curry’s paintings and sculptures suggest a modern day reinterpretation of ancient pictographs, etched or drawn onto the layered surfaces of paint and material. Curry lives and works in New York City and Sagaponack, NY.